Privacy Policy

Hansa Cube is a trade mark by Corporacion Despuich 2012, S.L.

Corporacion Despuich 2012, S.L. handles matters of privacy with great care. Protecting the confidentiality of our clients and homeowners is a top priority. Personal information is gathered and maintained by Hansa Cube for the purposes of contact and billing. The following policy explains the types of information collected, its use and protection.

Collected Information
Hansa Cube collects two types of information from our guests and potential clients. users may have web-browsing information collected. Non-personal data; such as 'favorites' lists, preferences, page views, and session information, is gathered in an attempt to better improve our user experience and provide increased services to returning site guests. Personal information; such as email addresses, telephone numbers, billing / shipping addresses and credit card information is required to proceed with confirmed vacation rentals. Hansa Cube does not require that site browsers provide any personal information.

Collected Information Usage
Non-personal data collected by Hansa Cube will be used by the company to better interpret and enhance user experience on our network of websites. Personal data collected by Hansa Cube will be used by properly designated personnel for the express purposes of contacting potential guests regarding villa rental requests placed online or over the telephone, contacting existing guests regarding arrival procedures or billing inquiries, confirming selected concierge services with guests and suppliers.

Sharing Information
Hansa Cube does not sell or rent any of our guest's personal information to anyone for any reason. Hansa Cube will provide personal information to selected / authorized service providers, only in compliance with our guest's requests. Hansa Cube does reserve the right to disclose information as required by law if / when

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